Monday, August 8, 2016

Stuff Happens

I like to keep things light and fun on the blog, but things have been icky this weekend.
1. Our wonderful garage door broke. In the previous house this was a weekly occurrence and we just rolled with it. Here, the new door was wonderfully competent and always went up and down without a hitch. Then Dave's golf bag on wheels rolled into the electric eye and smashed it and now we have to call in the repair guy. Sigh.

2. Then I was doing laundry and decided to wash the batting that had been on my design wall for lo these many years. Full of threads and dust, no doubt, since we always live in a construction zone, I thought twice about just putting in the washer, and instead went to the big deep kitchen sink to hand wash the thing. All went well until I was putting the Dawn back under the sink and saw a layer of black crud on the floor of the cabinet! Immediately I called Dave and said "MOLD" which thankfully it was not. Now we think it was dried up ground up potato peelings, from the garbage disposal. So he cleaned that up, since he does better on his knees than I do, felt around for anything wet, finding nothing and I finished washing up the batting. When I drained the soapy water, and looked under the cabinet, there it all was, still foamy! Arrggh. Upon further inspection we found a 'spigot' attached to the disposal which just lets overflow, um, overflow. This can't be right, so I am calling the builder today to look at this mess. The under cabinet shows signs of water being there, so when this began happening is in question.

BTW, I squeezed out the batting and placed it in my washer (a big empty tub with no agitator) and put it on the rinse and spin cycle, then in the dryer. It came out beautifully.

3. Last night we had a really great thunder and lightening storm for hours. This morning we had no internet and the clock on the stove has malfunctioned and just says Cool, with a tiny lock symbol. Little annoyances.

OK... I am done complaining.
I'll get the repair people out here today and it will all be resolved.

O, one more thing. The people that bid on our house can't get financing and their house hasn't sold so NEVERMIND.



  1. Sorry to hear about your trying week. New houses can have bugs that need to be worked out. Hopefully your builder will stand behind his work. Sometimes life is, well, just life....
    Judith P.

  2. sometimes we have weeks like that, don't we! This morning we started off at 6:00 by climbing in the attic, draining the overflow pan of the air conditioner. it trips when the pan fills. I thought I was hot last night! (in Louisiana, we MUST have our A/C!)

  3. Welcome to Monday! Please complain any time you want, Melody. You've certainly earned the right by sharing so much of the fun and creative side of your life.

  4. I read a card once that said "Mondays are the washing machine of life".... maybe not so funny in your case? What a weekend to have in a new house. Like Mary said "you can complain to us", you do entertain us, you do inspire us and you make us know that our lives are not so different from most others! Good luck with the repairs!!

  5. Every time I think about moving and then surf the real estate market, I think about breaking in a new house and give myself a slap. Sounds like you're experiencing that pain but good to get it over with sooner rather than later.

  6. No doubt about it...when it rains, it pours!!

    We live in an area that there is lots of new construction going up all the time (mostly retirees getting out of CA!) and hear some horror stories. They whip these houses together so fast here that we've wondered what kind of issues there will be. We almost bought a new construction when we moved here 2 years ago but decided on an "established" home (14 years old) and tract where they are all 1/2 acres lots.

    I'm sure there will be other issues and I hope you have a reputable builder that will make everything right without a hassle.

  7. I can relate - lightning hit two trees outside our house last Monday. We were without air conditioning until Friday...I have to howl though about the COOL on your stove!!! Pretty hilarious!!! Hope things get fixed for you!!

  8. Don't you just hate days like that? Sometimes it just keeps coming. So sorry about the house. Major bummer.

  9. You've had a bad week. Hopefully things will get better. A friend of mine had a house deal go bust today too. So hard on the nerves!! Take care.

  10. Oh Dear!!! Things can only get better at your place so fingers crossed!