Friday, September 30, 2016


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Day one was a snap, for breakfast I juiced oranges, pink grapefruit, and two small apples. Dee-licious. But then I made a second juice of beet with greens, kale, apples, carrots and celery. It came out very red and to me super good, but Dave wouldn't have any. So much for getting him to try veggies.
Later I made a cucumber, carrot, kale, celery and apple mix and it was also yummy. But then I love veggies.
That was all for the day and I had no hunger. Hmm.
So this morning I tried a big combination of kale, spinach, carrots, grapes, apples, basil from the garden, tomato, cucumber and celery. I got a lot more juice this time, a disgusting khaki green but o so yummy again.
The Cuisinart juicer is easy to rinse clean and so there is no down side so far. Feeling fine despite not having my daily coffee start. No salt involved and of course no refined sugar. That's gotta count for something.
I will stay on this for a week and see how I feel.


  1. A juicer suggestion. My son had cancer, got a juicer. A great combo was apples with half a lemon, I think. Tasted marvelous. He used it for several years. Good luck, Mel.

  2. Doesn't it take an awful lot of produce to make enough juice?

    And what are you doing with the remains? Do you have worms so you can compost? (remember, they can't do citrus or tomatoes.)

  3. One post late: Congratulations, Melody and Dave! On selling your country home. I know you are SOOOO happy to have that behind you. You were smart to take your time and get a good offer! Your new home is perfect!

  4. I think I have the same juicer... haven't used it in awhile. Can't find the book that came with it, but will keep looking. I'm doing great with getting fruit in my diet, but still not doing a great job with veggies, so maybe I need to try this again. Glad you sold your house!

  5. Are you actually JUST taking in juices??? No protein?? Hmmmm..............

  6. You need protein every day. Don't make yourself sick with just eating fruit and veggies. You may feel fine, but it is not kind to your body. Sorry for the lecture, but I so enjoy your posts and your art that I want you to stay healthy. (Yes I have a Home Economics degree)

  7. To add a bit of zip try adding a small piece of ginger root. It gives the juice a real kick and the ginger is good for you too! I add some spinach and kale to all my fruit juices. You don't even taste the spinach or kale(and I love spinach), but of course it make the juice green. Parsley is suppose to be good to juice too.

  8. Which juicer did you get? Thanks

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  10. Is juicing following a 'food ritual'? I don't think so. Whilst Natural Hygiene doesn't really advocate juicing, it doesn't advocate heating fruit either. When you heat fruit you damage it and vital nutrients are lost. Natural Hygiene is also firmly against the use of spices. We all do what we feel is best for us, but heating fruit with spices is not following Natural Hygiene principles at all...sorry!
    more info here