Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Adding a Veggie Garden

  The front flower garden is pretty much planted, with trees, annuals, perennials and seeds just sprouting. I still have energy, so I decided I could add one more bed, out behind the house in the four feet alongside our patio.

 Twelve feet by four feet, and snugged up onto the edge of the patio, so as not to infringe on our neighbor. Today I covered that weedy grass with woodchips (yay!) which I got free, since they were dumped in the weeds. I'll be filling the brick cubbies with flowers to make the bed prettier, and have started with Lantana and have zinnias and marigolds to add.
I have seeds for green beans and zucchini, basil and nasturtiums, plants include Marconi Peppers, Big Bertha peppers,
2016 --  Giant Marconi Pepper that I bought already started from Bonnie. It wasn't in the original plan... but we had to pick another plant for the best deal.... :):  
Bush Goliath and Celebrity tomatoes, both determinate varieties, meaning not huge trailing plants.
Bush Goliath Tomato
So I am going out to plant now. Woowoo!


  1. Looks good. I love to see your gardens. I'm glad you have spots to grow things here.

  2. If I lived next door,I'd let you double the width of the garden, and share the bounty. Maybe you should suggest it.

  3. You go, Girl! Wonder where you get all that energy. Bottle it, please. Can't wait to see the flowers flowing over the blocks!

  4. The neighbors won't mind when they end up with some fresh veggies!