Friday, April 21, 2017

The Gardens are In...this time I mean it.

Today I added an outdoor (plastic) carpet and while it has rained and left a puddle, it is still dry in that shady corner.
To keep the dawgs inside the patio and prevent them from running after cars in the alley, I made a quickie fence from concrete blocks and landscape timbers. The flag string is the thing that really keeps them from the edge, as it is confusing to them, as well as noisy, flapping in the breeze.

 New coneflowers in red, yellow and orangey yellow have been planted today and in the veggies, two new peppers, Poblano and Mammoth Jalapeno.

The first little Big Bertha pepper has formed. It will probably drop off before long, but it is encouraging nonetheless.
Dave power-washed the mats on the floor of the screened porch, so we are 'party ready' but too tired to have one!

All of this began because of the hosta, which we dumped there last fall, and whoda thunk we'd have such a nice set of specimens this year? Dave is digging in a trench for those bricks to form an edge to fill with more plants outgrowing their pots this year.


  1. Such beautiful plantings--great use of containers! You've really maximized your outdoor living space compared to your neighbors and how handy to have a place to let your dogs out without having to go to a lot of expense. And you can step right over the fence--how handy!

  2. Love, love, love your patio; it looks so inviting! And your gardens already look fabulous. They will be really wonderful in another couple of weeks. I can imagine you and Dave enjoying that space-sipping margaritas, and hanging with the dawgs.

  3. What an eyesore! pity the neighbours!