Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Girly Pink

 My new bed and the bedroom arrangement is finished. We got the mattresses last week and last night at 6:30pm the bed frames arrived (after happy hour was well underway). Undaunted, I set about assembling mine, and in 20 minutes, I had a bed! . . . I know, I know, where's the art? It's coming.

 All girly pink for me and in Dave's room, manly black and white. The dogs were with me all night, as per usual, and we were a Mel sandwich again.

 My ottoman, aka Doggie Launching Pad, got recovered and I made a new headboard cover and small decorative pillow. The chair cover is just an old table cloth, wrapped, since it needs washing often.

It's all very feng shui, facing the door and tv. 

 Tony loves his pillows and Chummy will get the bed when Tony leaves.


  1. You are so busy! It all looks so nice, and the quilt on the bed is beautiful!

  2. I see plenty of art.

    I especially love the serape print pillow on the chair by the door.

  3. Love your quilt Melody. I hadn't realised having the bed facing the door is good Feng Shui - my bed is in the right orientation then also.

  4. Oh my are having FUN! Your new room is so inviting...nicely done.
    LuAnn in Oregon

  5. Nice bedroom look. I hope Dave is doing well. I miss hearing about him. Take Care.

  6. Beautiful and I'm rather inspired. Love those dogs!