Monday, April 3, 2017

Ah Spring!

It's that time of year when my constant thoughts switch from yarn to garden. I am willing to drive all over town in search of just the right color plant, and then come home with gobs of flowers that weren't on the list. 
One can see I've been planting because the back of my neck and the tops of my feet have gotten tan.
Today it is raining, glorious rain! We've had a perfect amount of rain vs. sunny days and that means occasionally I can turn my attention indoors to sprucing up the decor.
 I've decided to switch from queen size beds to twins, giving both Dave and me more room in our rooms. The dogs make a Mel sandwich out of me, so the rest of my queen bed never got used. I have tons of twin sized quilts, already made, so we are set! We moved the old beds into the garage and they will go to my sister and niece.
Tony refused to move so I could make my bed.
There was more furniture rearranging/room switching  this past week and now we have a TV room in the front former bedroom and some more space has been added to my sewing room, HURRAY.
And now, the laundry...


  1. I'm still working on finishing a hat I started knitting this winter. I did get a late start. I usually knit or crochet in the winter and then switch to quilting in the summer. I may have to extend the knitting this year as I want to make a matching pair of mittens for the hat, both for my new red winter coat. But there will be an overlap. I need to start a postcard quilt for the quilt show this September and it has to be done for photos by July when the entry application is due.

  2. Love to see your 'little' garden, beautifull colours! In Holland spring is just begon, not so much to see yet.