Thursday, January 11, 2018

Finishing Touches

 O happy day! My new upstairs laundry room is complete and already hard at work washing clothes and linens. What a wonderful difference this makes. Since taking these pics I have installed a shower rod to hang clothes right out of the dryer and a shelf to hold the laundry stuff. And I moved all my toilette articles to the sink there, so I could find things when I need them. 

 We had this skimpy walk in closet in the master and I had Alberto the Magnificent install shelves for our clothes. We have a big closet in the Yarn Room for long pants/dresses etc, but these are our everyday clothes and obviously we still have room for more. This closet has a window and a ceiling light, the only lit closet in the house. 52 years ago they didn't need to see their clothes, I guess. Curtains went up to protect the clothes from the sun. 

 I love wire shelves and have four of them with one more on order. This was in Dave's room upstairs, temporarily, until the laundry got moved from the garage. Now it fills a great storage need, and gets that Christmas tree out of the Yarn Room. Having only a one car garage is such a boon, since it prevents collecting stuff by you know who. Those paint cans came with the house and so far not one of them is the gray wall paint we need, so why are we keeping them? Oy.

 I am most please to have installed my new knife rack.  It frees up a whole drawer and holds all my knives, keeping them much sharper than in the drawer.
 Most importantly, I got rug pads for the stairs and sticky pads to keep them in place. One is already undone, but easily fixed. This helped Tony conquer his fears of the stairs, meaning I don't  have to carry his little self.  22 pounds is a lot going up or down. 
I feel like we are finally moved in now, and it's such a great relief to have no more immediate fixes to complete. 
The big day to list our other house has arrived and we'll begin crossing our fingers for a buyer soon. Woowoo!


  1. Having a house function the way you need it too is a good thing! It just makes life easier.

  2. So glad Tony has conquered his fear of the stairs with such a simple fix.

    How wonderful to have your laundry room so close to where you generate most of your laundry. Mine is in a detached garage so I have to carry them out the back door and into the garage, wash, dry and then back again. But at least I’m all on one level. If I had a two story house, this is what I would do.

  3. Your place is wonderful. You have come up with some very good ideas. If you continue to have problems with the stair carpet pieces coming up, they make rolls of double sided carpet tape that will NOT come loose. Hate to see Tony dislodge a carpet piece and fall. He would NEVER trust stairs again. 😄

  4. I have loved to read about your homes ever since Indiana. It is great to see you settling in so happily in the new place. Happy Birthday!