Friday, January 12, 2018

The Good with the Bad

The Good: We had a load of leaves and straw on the yard when we moved in and Dave knew it had to be raked up or the grass underneath would die. This worked great in the front but when he raked the back yard, aka doggie yard, he found no grass. Surprise!
The Bad: Now that it has been raining for days, the mud is everywhere, and not just with the dog tracks. Two pairs of Dave's shoes are mud encrusted and drying out in the garage. Sigh.

So this underscores why  moving to a less perfect house was a good idea. The tile floor will get washed and the hardwood will be cleaned too. Next is washing the slipcovers on the furniture. All is fixable.


  1. Don't think of it as no grass and mud. Think of it as pre-prep for garden beds!

  2. Now you can decide what you want for ground cover in the back. Maybe pavers for a big entertaining patio or boring old sod. Or lay out some raised beds first, then fill in with whatever. It’s a blank canvas.

  3. Yeah.. you won't need to take old lawn up when you decide how to landscape. Just need to get thru the mud-season! No challenge too great, right? ;-)