Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Day #2 Fabric

Just to be clear, my church knitting group is the Knit Wits Mission. We make afghans for Vets, blankets for hospice and scarves and hats for kids homes, and now sew quilts for Ronald McDonald House.  Mostly everything is made from acrylic and being a true yarn snob, I don't have any to donate, but I do have a coterie of knitting-quilting friends I've invited to church (and our KW meeting) who will gladly accept some really nice yarns and at the same time get some fabric. 
Yesterday was the fabric breakdown and my goal was to empty the four bookcases full of fabric, and then move the bookcases upstairs into Dave's art room. I used the empty bins from yarn to organize the solids/hand dyes into color groups. I hope to make these irresistible to people who are only used to using prints in their quilts. There is yardage in the bigger bins. 

 It didn't take long to run out of bins and so I began to load more fabric into the built in bookcases at the end of the room. As you can see, there is  a heckova lot of fabric still here. Some of it will no doubt be delivered in the second wave, but it is so convenient sitting on these shelves, so I will have to be diligent and keep at it. One good thing: the overhead lighting makes it really easy to see what I have here, and that alone makes a huge difference. Baby quilts will use up lots of these prints.

In the other end of this room is a big chest of drawers filled with prefused fabric, so you can expect to see more fused quilts showing up on the blog. Small ones. 

Now for the arduous job of bringing it all downtown. O my.


  1. Have you thought about selling the fabric and yarn to locals, and using the money to purchase tools/equipment for you church's studio?

  2. I already donated three sewing machines, all the rotary cutters, scissors and mats, tables and irons, pin up walls, and rolling shelves, and quilt lessons. We're really set.

  3. If I were as organized as you I'd be able to shop in my own home for all of the fabric and yarn I needed. I just purchased three more skeins for some cat toys I'll be making for the felines of friends and family.

    I have reduced my knitting and crocheting tools quite a bit. Now I mostly have my custom stuff, plus a few specials like circulars.

    My ultimate goal is to replace my store bought socks with knitted socks as they wear out. Likewise, pare down my wardrobe and replace it with home made clothes. I used to sew all of my own wardrobe and would like to get back to doing that again. My secondary goal is to make all of the afghans in my vintage Bernat book that I've had since college.

    The scrap yarn that's left will become blankets for the local animal shelter, hats for the premies at the hospital and mittens, hats and slippers for the local homeless shelter. I've already set a set off this last December.