Friday, March 2, 2018

The Giveaway

 The Giveaway took place at my church and The Arty Girls and Knitwits were invited to come and partake. They were enthusiastic and I left the room to allow them the freedom to gobble it all up. Big zip bags were offered, and I also gave them the plastic bins to take home. It was a glorious experience for us all. I am relieved to know the gals will enjoy they goodies they acquired and I got lots of hugs out of the transaction. Just lovely! No regrets.
And I showed my friends the church Quilt Studio and we decided to meet there for a second monthly meeting rather than only once a month. Super great!
So the big NOW WHAT?
I have a few things that are in need of completion and that includes five knitted items. This is an indication that I was off my game. I usually start a project and finish it before starting something else. So the plan is to finish off these projects and get them in the done column. Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, it is Spring already in Tennessee, and the rain has been steady and now we have a new pond in our back yard. Thinking ahead, I have a landscaper already enlisted to make something out of this problem yard. 

Big land moving machines will be coming here, as soon as it dries out enough to prevent a muddy mess. Sunny days are predicted for the week, so this could happen soon. I am so excited about having a really well designed shade garden, with raised beds for my fave perennials like hosta, astilbe, hydrangea, heuchera and dogwoods. Having young men doing the heavy lifting will make this a dream come true. At last. 
We are feeling a wave of peace here, and are so happy. 


  1. That big puddle so close to the house does not look good. Do you have a basement? Is it dry? Yeah, best to have the yard addressed soonest. I'll bet it feels wonderful to have a real yard again. I think you were a bit constrained with that little bit of a front and lots of pots. Pots are wonderful, I love pots, but they can be limiting. Will you be installing a small herb and vegetable garden close to the house?

    Meeting twice a month now, your group is going to produce many projects to benefit many people.

    1. We have a crawl space, no basement. I talked with our landscaper and he has plenty of good solutions, which will happen as soon as it all dries out. We have a very shady yard, so flowers and shade plants are my best choice.

  2. What a wonderful treat to share your fabrics and yarns. Know they will be put to good use. We are having a beautiful sunny weekend after two days of good rain. Doing some cleaning and straighting of the backyard while the weather is cool. Have an enjoyable weekend.

  3. I'll bet all those athletic fields behind you which are raised are the cause of your drainage issues. Ah, Google Earth.

  4. I am so happy for you. That new home seems more like Mel to me than the last "new" home did.