Sunday, June 3, 2018

Lily Pads

The first two lily pads have already reached the surface, which so delights me. Thank you all for you comments and advice on this little pondette.
As for the fish, they are merely there to eat the bugs. I bought six only because I was guarding against their imminent demise, since they were living in a tank at Walmart and one never knows. We have had a stock tank pond in the past, as well as a real pond, which is what got us started on water lilies and goldfish.
 The stock tank (two houses ago) was placed, filled, adding a pump/filter and some plants and immediately the fish. But it was in the sun and did get hot and murky pretty fast. Not enough coverage for the fish and certainly the variety of  water lilies were too small for this size tank.
 We got one water lily bloom and that was about it. It got converted to a planter after that experiment failed.

 Worked excellent as a planter, no?
 Our first house in TN came with a real pond and we put in a few goldfish and they multiplied like the dickens. We loved feeding them and watching them swim around. So mesmerizing.
After a few years we added koi and they grew like crazy. 
 And of course we had water lilies. 
So this little pondette is a far cry from our previous fishpond adventures, but it will do for the time and energy we currently have. I'll place it in afternoon shade and surround it with pots of flowers and we'll enjoy the lilies that come up. 


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