Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Pondette 2.0

 The big new galvanized tub arrived yesterday and I got it filled in minutes. I chose a spot that is in the shade in the afternoon but gets a lot of morning sun. And I have decided that it is more of a water garden than a fish pond, as we are down to only one little goldfish.
 The orange canna has begun blooming and now I am on the lookout for more water plants. 
On order is a water iris, Chance Beauty.Chance Beauty Iris  and I think I will add some colocasia 9GreenBox - Jack's Giant Colocasia - 4'' Potand some papyrus if I can find them.Image result for papyrus plant
But the really big news is that Nick the landscaper has returned and is building my veggie beds, at last. Not his fault as we had a huge week of rain.  I will have four 15 foot beds, in a staggered pattern. Concrete block of course, 2 courses high. He promises wonderful lush compost to fill them. The brick will be delivered today.

 Most of the wood chips have been spread, but we still have a small pile for walkways between the veggie beds. Still to come are the trees to define the garden design. We'll have Green Giant arborvitae to screen between the two gardens and provide a bit more shade and privacy. It's all coming along nicely. Image result for green giant arborvitae


  1. I love using trees and plants as dividers and privacy. I have apartments really close on the north side and planted a wall of Italian Cyprus for privacy. Tall, narrow and I don't have to prune them. Since the apartments are two stories it has worked well now that they are full grown. The arborvitae look wonderful. So lush and green.

    Four 15 foot beds? How will you eat all those veggies?

  2. I love the pondette! I would be tempted to do something like that here, but we are in such a drought, I would have all the wild critters slurping it dry. We have had cougar sightings even at the edge of town, and the elk would definitely drain it. Guess I'll just have to enjoy yours from afar!

  3. Can I have Nick and a truckload of compost please? This is so exciting!