Friday, December 5, 2014

Versatile Knits

 A little tube of knitting to cover the neck and shoulders with color and warmth, was the request of one reader. It was so enjoyable to knit that I finished it the same day, in between working on other projects.
 I have been really enjoying knitting these longer multi-yarn cowls. This set of four pictures is only one cowl but shows how changing the position of the colors can change the focus of the design. This too was made for a dear reader.

This little tube is made from super jumbo Malabrigo Rasta yarn, 100% merino, so soft and squishy and was knit with size 17 needles! The color is Arco Iris which translates to rainbow. Some rainbow! $30 Email me. SOLD


  1. Yummy colors, and you say it's soft, too. Gorgeous!

  2. They sure are yummy looking!! How are you joining the ends? Stitching when done or some other ingenuous method?? Thanks, Mechelle