Thursday, August 11, 2016

Black Crosses Dress

These dresses were my inspiration for today's garment. I have a few items like leggings, and long sleeved striped tees to wear under this dress that might make it look like my fave Gudrun Sjoden's style. But it looks pretty good just by itself, altho my husband says it reminds him of the Confederate Cemetery down the street from us.

The fabric is a polyesterlycra mix that is quite stretchy, which I ignored when I chose the pattern. I used one of my mash-up tee shirt patterns and added length to the sleeves and hem. When I tried it on it was baggy and had to be taken in until it looked decent, which took about three tries. Duh.
Live and learn.


  1. I buy an English magazine from our local book store here in NZ and they regularly have full page ads for Gudrun Sjoden's clothing, I drool each time I see them, especially the lovely layers but the models are obviously a smaller size than I am, but perhaps it's time I set myself up for sewing clothing now and again, having done this for a few years now. Love the comment from Dave!

  2. Love that style, too. Most pieces are rather wide cut, but great quality and interchangeable. Many rather petite friends tell me, that it is a too big style for them. I often see Sjöden pieces on rather tall and "well"-built women!
    Bytheway Melody, I love the way you adapt pattern and fabric to fit the style! Great Inspiration! Should start to make a dent in my fabric stash.

  3. Cäcilia, Gudrun's clothing is also very expensive and that motivates me the most to sew my own. Plus there is no store nearby that sells her clothes either, so I couldn't even try to buy them.

  4. I know, it is rather expenive and shops are not around the Corner, neither are they here in Switzerland. As far as I know, most, if not all of her clothing is produced fairtrade and at least some is of organic fiberproduction. A statement piece every now and then, which lasts for years, is a gift to myself and coordinates well.

  5. Your mention of Gudrun Sjöden's clothing led me into all sorts of sidetracks. I had never heard the term 'lagenlook', and now I know a dozen designers to look for at thrift stores. I have MANY 15 year old flax, linen and tencel pieces, and now I know the name for the style I like so much. Thanks for discussing all things fabric.

  6. Melody, don't know if you're aware of the wonderful Tilton sisters, Marcy and Katherine. They're friends of mine and they've been designing clothing patterns for Vogue and Butterick for eons. Their designs are really fun and art-y, and I thought I would turn you on to them since I imagine a lot of them would be right up your alley. Just HAD to share with you...

    Here's Katherine's link:

    And Marcy's:

    And Marcy sells some FAB fabrics in her online shop: