Monday, April 24, 2017

Closet Cleanup

It took most of two days, but was so worth it. I took everything out of the storage room and washed the floor and then dumped everything out of the half-empty bins, then condensed and consolidated until I ended up with only one bin of scrap yarn balls. It was a total surprise that the orange drawers fit in the space between the big unit and the wall. Neato! Just about everything here is yarn, and one bin of fused fabrics. The motive was to just be able to walk in the room but the result also gave me a better knowledge of what yarn was where and an ease of access. 

 On the opposite side of the closet, I have a much less crowded shelf unit, for art supplies. Since I haven't been using them, I left everything as is, until such time as I feel the urge to paint or collage again. Now there is a great amount of empty space which makes me happy. The basket of bags is jammed with all varieties of satchels and plastic zip-locks, and other things that I will need now and then. I have a huge container of batting scraps which I have been plundering regularly, since I am doing quilt as you go. Under that bin is a full selection of painting canvases. Then the surprise of the day. My back up sewing machine was not working right but I forgot why, so I re-threaded it and sewed for a while until whatever was wrong showed itself. Nothing ever happened. It sews smooth, quiet and trouble free,  so I guess it doesn't need fixing after all. Duh!

 The smaller shelf unit is nearly half empty, but a good space to find the art work that soon will be hung in my studio and bedrooms. Two empty shelves...oooooh! Sometimes empty is just as good as full.
The inside corner of the closet, behind the door,  is full of larger framed artwork, some of it from college days. A few large canvases, paper pads, and drawing boards are stacked there too. I could put them in the attic, but the minute I do, I'll want them again. The little drawer cart is messy but full of fused scraps. Perhaps I will get back to fusing, as soon as my current quilting phase ends.
I felt so good having cleared that storage space that I gave myself a 20 minute nap in the sun on the patio. 


  1. Fabulous.

    Would you like to come to my house for a working vacation? I could use some organization like that.

  2. Good golly. I've always wanted one of those rainbow carts but could not figure out what I'd do with it. Now I know! it could be my scrap fabric holder. It already is colour coded :-)
    Oh for organisation - I'm half organised but just have too much stuff that I don't yet want to part with or belongs elsewhere but can't go there.

  3. You go girl! This post was so full of ideas and inspiration that I just might (maybe) get started on my sewing room. Why am I keeping teaching aids from 80's...those methods are so outdated! Usually I can't find what I think I have because it is buried somewhere that makes no sense. I don't think these woes are mind alone.

  4. Hope all's well with you and Dave, Melody? You motivate me to do a cleanout and get rid of stuff I was being seriously lazy about. Some of it was pure rubbish, but most went to good homes. Now there is a little more room in my small embroidery area. You're an inspiration. Thank you

  5. I'll second Virginia's concern that all is well with you and Dave.

  6. I miss you. Are you coming back to blog-land?