Monday, January 11, 2021

Around the Bend

 I saw this scarf on Ravelry and went nuts. I loved those little eyelets and how they make a half flower shape down the middle of this scarf. This must be tried, I thought. So I did, and nope. Again I tried, again nope. What was I doing wrong? Finally I succumbed and purchased the pattern. It was only $4, but it hurt my 'Ms. Smarty Pants' identity. Nevertheless, when I downloaded and read it, I slapped my head...of course! Duh. 
OK. So I got out the good merino yarn, Malabrigo Rios and Malabrigo Rastita and jumped right in. This is how I spent my weekend. While I knit I watched all the episodes of Netflix's Pretend It's a City with Fran Lebowitz (hysterical!) and then The Professor and the Madman which is the story of the beginning work on the Oxford English Dictionary (I knoooooooow, but it was great!) and today I continued to knit at the hospital while waiting for my sister to complete entrance tests prior to her knee replacement surgery Tuesday. I was the driver. I may knit obsessively, but I am able to talk, chew gum and espouse opinions at the same time. 

The folded flat look. It measures 71" long and is 14" deep at the center. If you must know, no, I didn't follow the pattern after I got the gist of that eyelet. Once I got it wide enough I decided to decrease the stitches so it would be a long tapered scarf. My Around the Bend doesn't go around the bend like the designer made hers. O well.

The shawl pin is included, and has my hand made polymer clay beads and some blown glass ones from Slovenia too. 

 The reverse is just as pretty as the front, in my humble opinion.
 The casual "I've just thrown this on" look, and then the stomping off in a huff look...
Available for $65 including free shipping. Email me at fibermania at g mail dot com.  SOLD

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  1. I hope and pray your sister's surgery goes smoothy and her recovery is straightforward. It's a long road to strength and normal function, and needs love and encouragement - both of which you're an expert at. Keep safe, be of strong heart.