Friday, September 19, 2014

Rainbow Quilts

While looking through my quilt closet ( yes, a walk-in closet full of quilts...eek!) I found two unquilted tops and wondered why they never got finished. I probably made them before I was convinced to retire and assumed I would be teaching the designs in a workshop, somewhere in the future. But then real life intervened and they got put away for about eight years.
Today I decided that they needed to be quilted so I would have something finished this week, beside the big studio clean-up.
They were both made with rainbow dyed fabrics that I used to make for my students. I have none of those left and don't imagine I will be dyeing anymore.

Blocks on Parade
Hand dyed cottons, fused, machine quilted. 17" x 23"
$150 SOLD
Squares on Point
Hand dyed cottons, fused, machine quilted, 16.5x28.5"
$150 Email me.

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