Wednesday, January 31, 2018

More sewing

 Here's a great pajama pattern that works for my everyday shirts. McCall's M5992 I've made this about 20 times and still love the fit. A slight drop shoulder which means no fuss set in sleeves, and a collar if I feel the need, or not, and length if I want a real robe...that may be coming soon. I had this wonderful woven cotton plaid from Joann's and it had already been washed and was ready to go. 
I made it a little longer so it covered the necessary parts and I can wear it with leggings. For fun I put the pockets and cuffs on the bias.


 Since the serger was already out, and I had more fabric ready to sew, I made another version, shorter and with longer sleeves. This top will go with my yellow jeans, which is why my sister gave me this fabric. Again, from when she worked at Joann's.
Three pockets, as always, and side slits.
I think the robe idea will be next, but I have to find just the right fabric, and that means a trip to the store. Awww shucks!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

New Things

My PT has been in the shop (again) for over a week, waiting for parts, and I have had to depend on friends and family to get me around, which is of course a pain for everyone. 
Image result for 2010 PT Cruiser redI got impatient and decided it was time for a new car. I went online to Carmax with no idea what I wanted, other than a hatchback and heated seats. I found this 2015 Lexus CT 200h, with less than 19K miles and it had everything imaginable on it. I fell deeply in love and got my sister to take me over and I bought it Friday night. 
I am giddy with happiness and don't care if I ever see my PT again...but I will have to retrieve it, if and when it is ever fixed.
So, confident that I am able to get around when needed, I stayed home Saturday and quilted. What else?
 One of our members of our church group Knitwits is moving and it was decided she needed a quilt from us, and an crocheted afghan too. I did the quilt using the cherries and strawberries fabrics I have in my stash. The design is simple so the quilting had to be fancy.

 It was fun to do and is my first finished quilt of 2018. 43.5"x55".

Thursday, January 25, 2018


When I say Shopcoat, I mean that I will wear this in my sewing room, and kitchen as a semi-apron, in the garden to keep my shirts clean, and just around the house as my go to uniform/robe. It'll be washed often and get plenty of wear. It's made of Waverly cotton duck and the camellia print is one that caught my eye last year when I bought the fabric at Walmart.
Three pockets make this a very useful garment. 

Here's the pattern I used. Discontinued of course.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Coup de gras

 OK! This is the end of gingham decorating, I thought, but then I see that little window is still uncovered. I have more of the curtain fabric so I guess one more hour of gingham sewing and then I am finished. The beds are covered with two joined table cloths and they were 60x102 to start, so that worked out great. The pillow covers were from my initial tablecloth, 60x120, from which I got chair cushion covers, and another pillow cover. Pretty good deal since it all came from Amazon, practically overnight.
 Of course after taking these pics, I folded up the spread and put it away til the mud season ends. We have a blanket to cover us and it gets washed regularly. Clods of dried mud everywhere!
Now that house sewing is more or less finished, I have a desire to make a new shop coat. This is a combo of robe and all purpose cover-up to just wear while I work. My old one is about 15 years old.
Not in gingham...

Monday, January 22, 2018

Check it out

It's raining and I am happily sewing indoors. I needed a red and white quilt for our living room and here it is. Small and fun, and definitely just the right size for the wall space I have.

I keep looking for gingham fabric that is sturdy enough for seat covers and pillows and decided to try tablecloths. Bingo!
B01NGTXCPAI found these really great tablecloths on Amazon. The fabric is a heavy 100% cotton woven gingham and just what I needed. So far I have made slip covers for my chair and a throw pillow, and will sew two large tablecloths together for a summer bedspread.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

White on White

Just off the needles, a scarf/vest combo made from silk and merino yarns, in white/winter white.
The vest is knit on the diagonal, and using a stitch which raises the silk rows over the merino rows. Since it is white, it is hard to photograph so that the design shows, but here in a slight shadow, it is pretty clear. The vest is sized for about a 38" bust and is loose fitting. The ensemble is $100 plus shipping. Email me. SOLD.

Gingham and Dots

 It got cold here in Chattanooga and I decided to move the furniture out of the freezing sunroom and into the living room. It is amazing how much red I have collected. Looking at it all I got inspired and ordered this duvet cover for our beds. 
 Inline image 1 And I dug out some more gingham and made bedroom curtains and then more gingham was found at Walmart and curtains got made for the living room too. I am on a gingham spree!

The couch is covered with another gingham table cloth and the dogs have taken up residence.
All that is needed is a red and white quilt for the wall. Turns out I have many red and white fabrics. Who knew?
Last week I hung a second smaller design wall next to the sewing machine and what a difference that makes. I can stick things up and they don't get lost in the jumble of scraps.
 I'm going with Bear Paw/Log cabin for my motif. Just three blocks and lots of borders to make a long panel. So fun.
 The larger design wall holds a fave quilt, which is reminding me to quilt it. Daily. I love this studio and think it is the best I have ever had. So bright, sunny and warm and efficient. What took me so long to get the idea to put a design wall up next to the machine? Duh.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Buy This House

Our Southside house is now on the market.
1441 Madison St, Chattanooga, TN 37408
1441 Madison St, Chattanooga, TN 37408

1441 Madison St, Chattanooga, TN 37408

1441 Madison St, Chattanooga, TN 37408

Here's my old studio, now the master bedroom. That is a queen bed, which looks tiny here.
It's so nice that we can sell it without living there at the same time, and having to keep it looking this clean. It is practically the only single family house for sale in the whole neighborhood, the rest are expensive townhomes or condos. So fingers crossed for a quick sale.