Monday, August 13, 2018

Garden August 2018

 The new garden is a mix of good and bad news. I have been very happy about parts and really disappointed with others. Never have I had so many marigolds in bloom, so that is a victory. Lots of wonderful basil to eat and give away, over and over. The rain has been frequent which is great of course and Dave has watered when necessary and also did a bunch of weeding. The soil in the flower bed was really really weedy and yet once we got rid of them, it does look pretty darn good. But the heat has been horrific. The only time it is pleasant is early morning. 

 The white bed is behaving nicely with thick growth. Basil, fennel and pineapple sage is that glob at the end. It gets just the right amount of sun, and is thriving.

 All the zinnias are blooming continually. I could just have zinnias and basil and feel successful. Many of these were put in late, and no matter. They just love this bed. I've planted cut and come again varieties, but so far haven't cut any. 

 I planted basil in stages, and these are the youngest. Lettuce leaf is the variety and the leaves are huge compared to plain old sweet basil. Some of the other groups have started blooming and getting woody, so I am grateful to have baby plants just under way.

 Black eyed Susan, the weed variety. Can't complain but these aren't what I wanted when I bought the plant. Still, they are vigorous. 
 And then there is the veggie garden... Gardening is a learning process and I learned that these beds are pretty much in the shade much of the day. The eastern most beds get good sun, so the peppers, sweet potatoes (in bloom) and tomatoes are doing well but the squash is not so great. The zucchini and yellow squash got attacked with vine borer early and only produced a few fruit before it was destroyed.


 We do have lots of tomatoes, still green this late in the season, but a few ripe ones have been picked and eaten, and were worth the wait. Just found my first tomato horn worm this morning and he was HUGE. Hate those buggers. We've had lots of windy storms lately and the vines get blown about since they weren't tied to the posts. No damage was done, since they are not the indeterminate varieties.

I am happy about the butternut squash! Three are forming so far and lots of blossoms are on the vines.

 Lots of vines, pumpkin, cantaloupe, butternut and kuri squash. Who knows what is under all those leaves? I just today discovered two cantaloupe, altho they might be pumpkin.

The beets are going great and I have pulled three to cook, but haven't done so yet. One of these is a yellow variety. Never tasted one of those. I'm waiting till it gets bigger.
The veggie beds had better soil than the flower beds, so no weeds at all. It was mushroom compost and I have more waiting to put onto the flowers when they are over. No weeds makes a big difference as you might imagine. So with this year's experiments I have learned what works where and next season I will use the farther veggie beds for more flowers and put the veggies in the full sun of the flower bed. I've learned to be flexible.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Cactus Lily

Cactus Lily... good name? I loved making this cardivest. All merino wools, with several hand dyed yarns. Merino is the best wool for non-itchiness.
The multi-colors in this knit make a statement and would be fun to wear in Spring as well as during the colder months when flowers and green have disappeared.

Length is almost 27" from neck to hem.

 Bust is 42" and hip is 48"

Offered for $100 including shipping. Email me.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

New Design

My new design harkens back to the Mitered Diamond jackets which I began making in 2013. I made and sold 18 versions and I always thought about making one that would work as a vest. This model leaves off the sleeves and the collar. Knit from a combo of Taiyo silk/cotton and two merino wools. Sized to fit a taller figure, and with a looser fit than my other jackets. Bust/hip measurement is 54" so I would say a good roomy fit for a 44-48" bust. Length is 30". Offered for $75 plus shipping to the US. Email me.
 This version is a little looser and longer in the back, which makes it nicer, imho, when sliding into a car, or walking on a cold morning. It may only be August, but here in TN school has started and I am knitting like it is midwinter. For once I designed a knit for a taller (than me) woman.  Pictured here before I sewed on the buttons and buried all the loose ends.
Betty W. is modeling it for me, and she is about 5'10". We both are Knitwits and Thursday is our regular meeting day. She was just the person who could show me how this looks in real life. She wants me to tell you that she wishes she hadn't worn that checked shirt. I gave her no warning that she would be modeling.

 Betty on he left and Diane J on the right.

Monday, July 23, 2018

...and more sewing

 I've been making use of the fabrics in my stash. This Kaffe Fassett Brassica is one of those fabrics that is too precious to use, but I bit the bullet and am so glad I did. 
Yes I do keep making the same designs over and over. I know what I like and it is just my style. All the tops have pockets and the pants are all expandomatics. If I lose weight it is easy to tighten the elastic waist. As if...
 Another precious keeper is this Sylvia Whitesides discharged and overdyed cotton. I had only two yards and used every inch. I could only put in one pocket, as there was so little left to cut a second.

 And then I had a purpose for these pieces of linen/rayon that I got years ago. I sewed them assembly line, over two days and they are a great addition to the closet of new things. I feel like a rich woman, but all of this has been in my stash for. Ever. It's great to be able to unload the fabric shelf a bit and bulk up the wardrobe.
Although it is late July and a sauna outside, I am thinking of autumn and starting to knit again. Stay tuned for the debut of a few new pieces on offer in the coming weeks. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

I've been sewing. . .

New Look Pattern 6561 Misses' Shirts in Three Lengths

 This is from the same New Look pattern, just different lengths. And on the second one I expanded the width to make it more of a smock, which I love to wear over tees and pants. It has set in pockets and a pleat with loop at the back yoke. Nice details. I added side vents at the hem.

 I need more white in my wardrobe so I did this top in white Waverley cotton. I like the fit but hate the wrinkles which immediately form when I put on my seat belt. Grrrrrr.

 This is a freeform kimono with multiple prints. Just fun to make and to wear. I made it buttonable instead of ties.

 Speaking of wrinkles, handkerchief linen/rayon blend. So crisp and perfect until one wears it anywhere. Old Issey Miyake pattern.
 Raglan sleeve pullover dress in crinkle dyed cotton, which I bought from a few years ago. This one is just great to wear and doesn't show the wrinkles.
And then I needed black pants and went for the wide leg. Two knits, one rayon challis and one linen/rayon blend. Can't have too many pants.