Friday, November 30, 2018

Ready to Roll

 I got the dedicated polymer clay oven yesterday, (60%off coupon!) and since it was suggested that I use an oven thermometer, I did and found that I needed to raise baking dial from 275 degrees to nearly 300 to get the right temp.
Everything here is baked except the pastilles on the foil sheet.  I am about to make and bake more since I need the full spectrum. Same with the knot beads, which I LOVE. More colors needed.
Here's the plan for those pastilles.
My clay collection. I found a deal at Joann's yesterday, half price on all 2oz blocks. And at Walmart I found a pound block of white Sculpey Original for like $5.  More clay arrives today, from Amazon, Kato clay which I hope is stiffer, since everything I have now is soooo soft. I'll mix them to get the right working texture.
So excited about all the possibilities!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Clay Play much has happened since last we spoke.

1. I had an epiphany and realized I am RETIRED and don't have to focus on just the quilting business anymore (which I had abandoned anyway) and don't have to use up all my fabric/paint/yarn before I get involved in another medium.

2. Loved making the collages but decided that I can do those anytime, as all the materials are at my fingertips, in my cleaned up paint studio

3. Decided to try more funky jewelry stuff, which led from paper to polymer clay, which is something I had dabbled in years ago, but now have the time and space to really do it, for a time. My sister is giving me a bunch of clay, and I have purchased some tools and started dinkin' around yesterday.

4. If not now when?

I wanna do this, 
and have started with white, 
and I want to make stuff like this....
image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png

Curlycues, dots and twisty beads.
There is a ton of info on polymer clay on the internet and I am gobbling it up as fast as I can. I'll make now and bake later. I've got a 60% off coupon for this dedicated oven:
Polymer Clay & Craft OvenI guess I am serious. ha!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Paper Bead Madness

  It is a really long necklace, and is truly funky, and I am stoked. It only took two days to make. Wha? Yeah it was a lotta fiddling but at least I could sit and look out the window while I strung individual beads. The paper beads were made from my collage painted papers, joined with beads, buttons, waxed thread, and strung on this neat black plastic 'string' which is kinda kids playtime stuff, but it worked.

Of course it looks better clustered together. Yay!

Almost stayed home...

 ...on Black Friday, but at the last minute I went to Michael's for 70% off of some beads. Turns out that I have fallen into jewelry and can't get out. I blame it all on Prue Leith, of the British Baking Show, who wears the most amazing clothes and jewelry. 
Image result for Prue Leith Related image Related image

 It started innocently, with a few paper beads. I used my collage papers to make them. Like eating potato chips, one cannot stop as long as there is pretty paper to cut and roll.
 Then I had to have something to connect them and string them and bargains added to the mix. I still haven't got them strung, but that will be today.
Before the beads invaded, I made a new collage. Citrus collage #2, 9x12", watercolor paper mounted on wood panel with monoprinting, stamping, ink, and crayon. $100 Email me.

Thursday, November 22, 2018


I am so thankful for my family and all the new friends I have made. And my doggies.
I am so grateful for our new-old house and its yard, cul-de-sac safety and its quiet seclusion.

and the gardens, which are now cleaned up for the winter.
I am so grateful for good health, and Dave's improvement over the last several weeks.
And knitting and art making.

It's a pretty wonderful life.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Citrus Collage #1

 Citrus Collage #1, 9x12", painted papers, monoprinting, stamping, drawing, crayon, ink, scraffito, mounted on wood panel. $100 Email me.

Orange, lemon, lime, pink grapefruit: such yummy colors. One can't help feeling joyous combining them. 
Speaking of joyous, Dave has had a very good few days and yesterday we cleared out the dead stuff from the garden, raked the leaves off the back porch, including the gutters and had a great evening watching Netflix together. 
Earlier in the week I received my second shingles vaccine and while the first one was easy, the second one months later was debilitating. I stayed in bed a whole day. I am fine again, thank heaven and glad I won't be having shingles ever again. Or that shot.
It has gotten cold, just in time for Thanksgiving and we are sharing it with my sister and niece. I am grateful to have them five minutes from home.

I am making Turkey Lasagna again. It's not really lasagna, just stuffing layered with turkey or vice versa. It can all be made ahead, keeping the fuss to a minimum on Thanksgiving day. Brooke, my sister is making roasted root veggies, and there will be sweet potatoes from my garden, which I never thought I would ever get to say. I am definitely living my dream life.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Blue Collage #4

 Blue Collage #4. 10x10",painted papers, monoprinted, stenciled, stamped, drawing, mounted on wood panel, $100 Email me.

This collage project started because I was 'organizing' my yarn on shelves and found a big bin with all the boards I had been saving. Since I moved my wet studio upstairs it seemed like the perfect time to get back to paint, paper etc.
The parameters of working on a similar size, with a limited palette have been very good for exercising the design muscles. I've used up all the 12" and 10" boards and now I have five sets of 9x12" to collage. Hmm, color? Green has been suggested, as well as the citrus family. Or both. ha!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Cardivest and Blue Collage #3

 Mimi's cardivest, actually, I think it is for her sister-in-law. Made from Araucania merino and Souk 55% silk and 45% wool. Mother of pearl buttons.
 Blue Collage #3, painted and monoprinted papers, stamping, crayon and ink drawing, 10x10". $100 Email me.

An amazing thing has happened while I have been making these collages daily. I have been feeling more normal, happier, confident, arty, and peace-filled. Those of you who have been praying for us, it's working! Seriously. Thanks so much.