Saturday, December 30, 2023

Never Say Never

Hello again,
It turns out that I miss the blog. Who knew?
It's been two years without a really good place to keep track of all the stuff that I need keeping track of, and the brain is just too crowded to try keeping it there, so back to blogging it is. 

Life has changed in those two years and right now I am having a happy and peaceful life, for which I am so thankful.  Dave is doing well after having an awful experimental month in Memory Care and is now back home with me and I am sooooooo glad he is. Here he is this morning at breakfast.

 His beard is so white! 
Chumley is basking in the morning sun, after sleeping in for a couple of hours. He is now blind and deaf, so it is amazing that he gets around as well as he does. I walk him at least twice a day in our yard, and on our dead end street, where he can sniff to his heart's content. 

I'm knitting and baking a lot this season, which is another reason to keep blogging. I have recipes that I need to be able to access. Little slips of paper get lost and that has to end.
It turns out that a smaller house with waterproof floors and no garden is the secret of my success these days. 
And of course a great white kitchen really makes me happy.

This is a before picture, before the tile was added, along with the outlet covers. I will deal more about kitchen stuff in the posts to come.
I have ordered new front and back doors from Lowe's and am about to head out there to choose door handles. Our current doors have a gap at the bottom that lets in the cold air. That's what you get when you buy an older home. No worries, I love the vintage aspects and can address the bits that don't work.

So welcome back to the land of furniture rearranging, food talk, yarn drooling and artmaking. Not another house buying...really, I mean it.