Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Silk and Merino Lace

 This shawl was started just before we decided to move last year, and I put it away, unfinished. It was stored with the rest of my yarn in a safe container which I promptly forgot about. Now that I have light in my yarn room I was sifting through the accumulated UFOs and came upon it. It was almost finished and so I sat right down and five hours later, it was done. It is now blocked and ready to go. The size is ample but not overlong. It would work as a scarf, kerchief or short shawl.
 The yarn is 50% silk and 50% merino (Malabrigo Silky Merino) and is deliciously soft and yummy around the neck.

Yours for gift giving or to keep for yourself. $36 Email me. SOLD

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thank Dave Day

 Now that golf has slowed down to a day or two a week, Dave has time on his hands and is ready to tackle a few house projects.
Yesterday I asked him to 'help me' hang some lights in my studio storage space. I had one bare 60 watt bulb in there and couldn't tell what was where, or what color it was. Now we have two BRIGHT shop lights hanging from the rafters and it has all become clear to me...I have some work to do!

I have some art stuff overflow here, while another wire shelving unit of paint supplies is already cluttering up the studio, and of course the cold storage of this room is perfect for my yarn. Eek!
But if you can't find it, how can you use it? Now I can see where it all hides and I am ready.
There is a table under that pile...and under the table an overflow of Kona cottons, frames for future paintings and a sewing machine!

 The really wonderful thing is that Dave has been cleaning the kitchen while I am out gallivanting and clearing the huge floors of our dog hair carpet! Sigh...such a super husband. To repay his kindness I am making him cakes regularly. Carrot cake first and then German Chocolate yesterday. I used Brazil nuts and coconut in the frosting and it was delicious.

 He just recently stained all the cedar trim on our house and had stain leftover, so he sanded and restained our bench. It looks brand new again!
I am one lucky wife.

Monday, November 24, 2014

More Cowls

This is a shortie cowl, knit in seed stitch, not meant to double as the circumference is only 31" but it will drape nicely at the neck. It is knit from my hand dyed merino sock weight yarn, and is machine washable, as if you would ever need to toss it into the washer. It is lighter in weight and wearable indoors too, or in warmer conditions.
I knit it some time ago and never had an occasion to wear it when I lived in the boonies, so it sat folded up in my drawer of finished objects. 
 I tried to blend the different colors as I knit them, and some work better than others. But it should go with anything bright or dark in one's wardrobe. $24.00 Email me SOLD

I have been knitting a cowl for my sister Brooke, whose birthday was on the 20th. But I didn't get the request until the 19th, so I am just now delivering it to her today. I used 8 different wools. It is a bit larger than the others at 68" around. But she says it is freezing at work and she needs something warm around her neck and shoulders. This oughta do it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Autumn Dusk

Autumn Dusk
Hand dyed cottons, pieced and machine quilted. 34x38.5" .
$750 Email me.

I had a wonderful time piecing this quilt, and at the same time I was helping Dave install our new dryer. Our old drier gave up the ghost, and that made me so happy, because now for the first time I have laundry twins. Ha! So today will be a massive laundry day. Yay!
This quilt contains fabrics that I have been saving for YEARS. They all came together at last.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ready to Piece!

 I woke up today with an urgent desire to piece some quilts. I want to make smallish size work, less than 45" on a side. I have lots of started bits, even a quilt top that is ready to go, but it doesn't seem arty enough for what I had in mind. I want to have lights, darks, as well as mediums.  In solids mostly.
Nothing wrong with this, just too sweet. I think. The pieced parts were a good start, so I will give that another shot.

Getting out my scraps shows no darks. I'll have to dig some of those out. O boy!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Silk and Merino Mitered Cowl


 Hand dyed merino wool and hand dyed 50% silk/50% merino. Light as air and so soft, in earthy colors and aquamarine, this version is a little bit wider, so it can cover one's head and neck, in very cold winds.
$30 check or paypal. Email me. SOLD

Friday, November 14, 2014

Surprise Sale

Bon Bon #3: hand dyed cottons, fused, and machine quilted.
Ah the lovely internet, where my work is just hanging around, waiting to catch someone's eye. This is Bon Bon #3 and it is going to Great Britain to a gentleman with excellent taste. hahaha!
I am doing the happy dance, and KNITTING more scarves for y'all and the cold winter months. La dee dah!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mitered Cowl

 Well, I am pretty excited. I have just finished this cowl and it is yummy and beautiful. But best of all, it uses a few orphan skeins of some really nice yarn that happened to go together like a perfect duet. Wooly Stripes by Nashua Handknits and Foliage by Berroco
 The length is 30 inches long if it is lying flat and 60 inches around, since it is a big loop.
 A close-up detail.

 Modeled above doubled on me, and then doubled and arranged on Dave, who says it is quite warm but too girly for him.

For really cold weather it will do the trick as a hood or just covering that nape which gets so chilled.
It's yours for $24. Email me. SOLD but I'll be posting more new cowls like this one, before Christmas.