Monday, July 23, 2018

...and more sewing

 I've been making use of the fabrics in my stash. This Kaffe Fassett Brassica is one of those fabrics that is too precious to use, but I bit the bullet and am so glad I did. 
Yes I do keep making the same designs over and over. I know what I like and it is just my style. All the tops have pockets and the pants are all expandomatics. If I lose weight it is easy to tighten the elastic waist. As if...
 Another precious keeper is this Sylvia Whitesides discharged and overdyed cotton. I had only two yards and used every inch. I could only put in one pocket, as there was so little left to cut a second.

 And then I had a purpose for these pieces of linen/rayon that I got years ago. I sewed them assembly line, over two days and they are a great addition to the closet of new things. I feel like a rich woman, but all of this has been in my stash for. Ever. It's great to be able to unload the fabric shelf a bit and bulk up the wardrobe.
Although it is late July and a sauna outside, I am thinking of autumn and starting to knit again. Stay tuned for the debut of a few new pieces on offer in the coming weeks. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

I've been sewing. . .

New Look Pattern 6561 Misses' Shirts in Three Lengths

 This is from the same New Look pattern, just different lengths. And on the second one I expanded the width to make it more of a smock, which I love to wear over tees and pants. It has set in pockets and a pleat with loop at the back yoke. Nice details. I added side vents at the hem.

 I need more white in my wardrobe so I did this top in white Waverley cotton. I like the fit but hate the wrinkles which immediately form when I put on my seat belt. Grrrrrr.

 This is a freeform kimono with multiple prints. Just fun to make and to wear. I made it buttonable instead of ties.

 Speaking of wrinkles, handkerchief linen/rayon blend. So crisp and perfect until one wears it anywhere. Old Issey Miyake pattern.
 Raglan sleeve pullover dress in crinkle dyed cotton, which I bought from a few years ago. This one is just great to wear and doesn't show the wrinkles.
And then I needed black pants and went for the wide leg. Two knits, one rayon challis and one linen/rayon blend. Can't have too many pants.

Monday, July 2, 2018

New Blossoms

 Happy July! My little water garden has its first lily bloom. I have two plants and the other is a white flowering specimen. Hoping to have it bloom soon. 

 And finally some nasturtiums have appeared. I plant them in every garden and usually have no trouble getting them to grow. Poor soil or rich, sun or shade, but it has been a struggle to keep these going. Only a few plants survived, despite having everything one needs to be happy. So I am celebrating the ones I have and glad to see the flowers.