Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Problem and the Solution

When one is a fuser every little scrap is usable. So one saves eensy weensy bits of fused fabric until the amount the of scraps reaches a tipping point. Today was that day. I was on a massive clearing out and rearranging binge and before I could go one step further I had to do something about the scraps which had covered every surface in the studio.
Coincidentally I had seen these multi-colored storage bins on wheels, on sale at Michael's for half price. I had always wanted one, but couldn't think of a reason why I needed one, and we all know that the more storage furniture one has, the more junk one keeps!
But if I wanted to find a certain color I would have to dig through piles of scraps and that takes forever, so I elected to make the purchase and spent the rest of my day dividing the scraps into drawers, by color. Notice there is no yellow drawer? Wha?

Here's the breakdown
1. yellow
2. green
3. orange
4.  pastels
5.  red/pink
6. silks
7. turquoise
8. blue/purple
9. brown/neutral
10. prints
The top bin has scraps that are fused starts, multicolor pieces, and leftovers parts that work for triggers for new work.

The scraps that got tossed out. Hurray!


  1. Your scraps are even pretty to look at. My little scraps and slivers get put into a "pillow case" out of some really ugly fabric from my stash. I
    use the scraps as stuffing. When I get 5 or 6 pillows made I donate them to the ARL for beds for the kitties and puppies.
    Whether or not they like it I feel better.I don't need to save all mine like you do.

  2. I totally relate, although most of my scraps aren't fused. But I have gone through several iterations of storage solutions - bags, boxes, bins... now I have storage cubes with drawers and fabrics separated into colorways, bagged inside. My studio is lots smaller than I think yours is, so I have overflow storage in the 'guest room', which never has any guests staying in it! If I can get those bins a little more organized, I'll be a happy camper! BTW, glad to see you are enjoying your new quilting friends, and it was good to catch up with Dave and the pugsters!

  3. Thank you so much for your catch up with your home, the pugs and Dave. So thrilled for your solo show at AQS. I do have one suggestion but you may not want to bother. But perhaps do a give away or auction off your bag of scraps that you're tossing out. One woman's trash maybe another person's treasure. Just a thought to reward your blog readers. An auction would be good and then the proceeds could cover the shipping and the rest donate to your local art spots or something such as that or better yet, PD research, etc. Wonder if you did an auction with one of your pieces. It would be interesting to see what you could get for one and the proceeds going to PD research would be a huge help to them. Ok, enough of my suggestions on how to run your life. I know you didn't ask for suggestions so you can just completely ignore! Just know we all love your work so much and your wonderful way of sharing on your blog is so inspirational to so many of us out here!

  4. extra points for Melody for tossing "some" in the big clean up