Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Being Indoors

 The big Goodwill truck came yesterday and took away my big red (mistake) couch. Au revoir.
Hurray, I am down to the bare essentials, which makes me very happy indeed. So today we decided...OK, I decided that I wanted to switch the living room with the dining room and make it cozier in that section of the big room. I moved the furniture while Dave was in the shower. Heh heh.
 This leaves lots of room for the dance floor. We'll enjoy dinner in front of the fire and have the stereo provide background music. The arrangement is working already. Chumley has found his spot on the couch, which is covered with a white bed sheet, which gets washed often since mud season has begun. Yes, the walls are still beige, but that will be changing in the future, she says. I have walls that need a bit of artwork, so I will be thinking of what will be hung, in the next few days.

The good dog.


  1. The new arrangements looks great and I can see that the two kids are enjoying themselves there. I don't think you will have a problem finding art for your walls as you have so many wonderful pieces ready to go. The new home seems to be a perfect fit. I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. It all looks so clean and comfortable.. Good move.