Thursday, October 23, 2014


 I have been out of the studio for a while, working in the garden, so I thought I would get my interest in quilting reignited by having a student. Maddie is just 22 and is very clever, and caught on to fusing immediately.
Her first lesson was improvisational design, and we worked small, so as to have a finished piece in two hours.
My cart of fused scraps was at the ready and that made designing ever so fast and easy.

How's this for a first composition? I think it's wonderful. I look forward to next week when we will work on a pattern which she will design. Woowoo!
At Chez Johnson we have been tree planting and have replaced some dead trees with living ones. Now that our sprinkler system is working properly, I have no fear of losing the new plants. We now have two new pin oaks, six new redbuds, five figs, seven Cleveland pears, and three possibly still alive Kousa dogwoods. I am sure we have the most trees of anyone in the neighborhood.
Speaking of the neighborhood...we have suddenly got lots of new neighbors, and many new houses are being built on my dog walking route. I didn't realize when I bought this house that this would be a 'high class neighborhood' where people hire landscapers and designers to fit out their homes properly.
That would not be us. We are do it ourselves-ers. So it is challenging to make our place look as nice as the ones that are designed. Good thing we have a fence.
I'll take pictures...


  1. That is a wonderful little quilt! Maddie has talent.
    I am looking forward to seeing pix of your property after all the trees have been planted.

  2. I would love to be an "old", but young at heart student of yours. Her composition is great...I see your influence!

  3. Great little quilt Maddie must b very pleased with it. Love the colours.

  4. Hey....I would love to come and play in your stash!!! Lucky girl!!!

  5. Please tell Maddie that her little quilt is wonderful,I'd like to see how she quilts it.And, as a long time reader of your blog,I remember your fabulous yard and gardens up on the mountain.Never fear,your property will look wonderful and be unique as well. Julie

  6. Beautiful creation! What fun to spend time with you and create from your fabrics.

  7. Having a mentee (is that a word?) sometimes makes one focus on describing art and design principles, and so is a learning experience for both. Besides, and more importantly, it is a reason to giggle. She is a lucky woman to get such a good start. As far as the classy neighbourhood is concerned, they are simply trying to catch up to you.