Monday, November 17, 2014

Ready to Piece!

 I woke up today with an urgent desire to piece some quilts. I want to make smallish size work, less than 45" on a side. I have lots of started bits, even a quilt top that is ready to go, but it doesn't seem arty enough for what I had in mind. I want to have lights, darks, as well as mediums.  In solids mostly.
Nothing wrong with this, just too sweet. I think. The pieced parts were a good start, so I will give that another shot.

Getting out my scraps shows no darks. I'll have to dig some of those out. O boy!


  1. Cool desk chair! Did you reupholster it, or did it come that way?

  2. your dark scraps are soo fall yummy.
    i for one can't wait to see where you take this delicious calorie free fabric!
    This morning you inspired me to paint my rolling chair as well!

  3. I'm sooooo ready to play with scraps... just a few days more until my last show, then I'll be digging in the piles too! Only... your scraps are soo much neater and more organized than my sloppy heap! Maybe I need to organize first?

  4. I just love your work, Melody! I don't quilt (Yet) but I just love the inspiration found here.

  5. I'm glad to hear that someone else has "urgent desires" to make something! I have felt that way too, this week, but I started on a more mundane project - a paper pieced turkey. ;-D Always so fun to create.