Monday, December 29, 2014

It's a Blog Hop!

I am participating in a blog hop and have Four Probing Questions to answer. Gosh I hope I know the right answers.
1. What am I working on?
Honestly, I am knitting.
 This is the 13th jacket that I am knitting for a reader, as promised back in 2013. Well, I am really loving this project and keep thinking that the next one will be for me. And I have been hanging my own work in my new house. We moved here in January and I am just now getting around to decorating. 


 Earlier this month I made these quilts:
1. sold

  2.Circles and Stripes
Hand dyed, dye painted and stenciled cottons, fused and machine quilted. 12.5 x 24" $200 Email me
3.Art Deco Panel
Hand dyed cottons, fused, machine quilted.
14x24. $250 Email me.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Hmm. Genre is the word I am stuck on. I am a fuser, which means that all my quilts are fused, not pieced or appliqued. So that makes my work different than regular quilts. Also I use my own hand dyed fabrics, and make them as colorful as I can.

3. Why do I do what I do?
O geesh. I have been doing this since 1981. That's a long time. I guess I do it because it is my career, my art form, my necessity. Currently I am making small works, and love to make them affordable, so they don't collect in my quilt closet. When I am not knitting or quilting, I paint and make collages. Lately I have been posting my newest pieces on my Pinterest page. 

4. How does my process work?
Here's a little tutorial on my old blog:

My old blog, Fibermania, was a teaching blog, and the sidebar has lots of links to process tutorials. Nowadays, I have pretty much said all the same things five or six times, so I just refer to the old blog posts whenever a question like this is asked.
In this, my new blog, I am posting current work and talking a bit about gardening, knitting, painting, collages, and of course quilts.

I was asked to participate in this International Blog Hop by Kathleen Probst, a really wonderful art quilter. See her answers to the Four Questions here. Thanks Kathleen for inviting me and Happy new year to everyone!


  1. Sure love the sweaters you knit in that pattern - If you ever add another name to your list for the pattern, would love to have one with purples, blues and greens....a year isn't too long to wait to decorate....your list is LONG on accomplishments for 2014...

  2. I'd love to get my hand on this patter. Did you make it up? I looked for it on Ravelry but only found much more complicated options. Thanks.

  3. Melody: You really should SELL the pattern on Ravelry. I bet there would be thousands of knitters who would buy it. I emailed you last year asking about this pattern. I already bought the yarn and I can't wait to get started. Hope you publish it soon. Don't give it away, like your other patterns on Ravelry. SELL IT! Thanks, Veronica Von Zwehl

  4. Hey Melody. I visited the link of your old blog but I still didnt get it. Sorry. I live in Brazil and here we don´t have this techinique or the materials to do this so I´m a little bit confused yet. This fusible would be like a "glue" to fix all the litle color fabric pieces?? Because at this you put it on a big piee of fabric just like this and I didnt get it right. :-(