Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Santa-Mel's Workshop

Busy busy busy, here at Santa-Mel's workshop. I just finished the 12th Mitered Diamond Jacket for Judith and will get it in the mail after I get my pal Mary to model it for better photos. 
This one is a combo of  my hand dyed Tupa, 50% silk and 50% merino, plus Kudo, 48% Cotton, 46% Rayon, 6% Silk. 

Then Sherrie is getting this cowl and Tara is getting this scarf for her sister's Christmas gift. Shhhhhh. No peeking!
Leslie watched my recently posted video and saw Croton in the piece and wished to have a smaller version.
 I did still have the original drawing, so I enlarged it to 13x24".The individual leaves got rearranged a bit, but still, that makes it an original!

Croton Jr.
Hand dyed cottons, fused, machine quilted. 

 Here's a detail, with my signature.
It's a lot of fun to go to my stash and find the perfect colors, and then knit or quilt them in Christmas presents.
I've been watching Netflix, all eleven years of mon ami Poirot, and enjoying it immensely.  I've been to two Christmas parties already and another one today at lunch. Better get in the shower!
Merry Merry!


  1. Wowza; You've been busy!!! Such wonderful colors and fun pieces.

  2. Love. love, love my jacket. What an an amazing Christmas present. I am one lucky girl. Judith

  3. That is beautiful Melody. I love the piece. Thank you so much for revisiting the design!

  4. Mel, I love that jacket and the colors are divine! Dave continues to be an amazing stand in for the knitted cowls...eye candy for us single gals. And, speaking of which, my aunt got hers in the mail and loves it. I even copied some pictures of how you wear it from your blog, so she could figure it out. She thanks you.

  5. More favorites...now it's the feathers! WOW!

  6. I'm in love with the colours. And I'm imagining what bird lost those feathers!

  7. Wow you are busy! I just can't get over how fast you can knit. My grandmother was like that. The new croton is beautiful!