Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lemon and Lime

I think it's time I made some new pieces for our house. Yellow seems to be the 'it' color in the living room, so this Lemon is staying put. Hand dyed cottons and silks, hand embroidered, fused and machine quilted. 12" square painted wood panel. 
 Then of course a dash of Lime becomes necessary. This one is mainly hand dyed cotton sateen with some silks thrown in. The sateen has a tendency to fray so I must be careful to cover the edges with adjacent less fraying cottons or silks. Fuse and machine quilted. 12" square painted wood panel.


  1. Gorgeous! I particularly like the second one - the dash of Lime - yumsk!

  2. If I come to visit, I will probably be too busy absorbing all of your wonderful art pieces and miss the people!!! and I'm a genuine "people-person" !! I so love your colors and how you use them. and am glad you are willing to share photos of your creations. Thank you.