Saturday, April 25, 2015


Good Morning, and it is good, cuz it's raining. And that means a well deserved day off. 
 Dave finished painting two more troughs yesterday and now only two are left to paint.
 We enjoyed our first lettuce harvest yesterday, but I couldn't stand to take a whole head, so I carefully cut off the outer leaves and added some spinach we had on hand. It was lovely and so fresh, natch. The onions I have interplanted are coming along just fine. I could harvest a few for scallions. 
We have added a bench from our friend Mary's garage sale. It will get weatherized after the rain stops. Dave has also been weatherizing our fence, so this bench will soon match the color.
My day has been exciting. Laundry, kitchen, napping. Somebody  has to do it.


  1. Orange and Green(s)! U.M. colors. Go 'Canes!

  2. Those watering troughs look SO GOOD with their new coat of paint. They will look so cheerful in the winter too when they don't have foliage. I love how that colour goes with the mulch you have on the yard, and contrasts with the blue pots. You are making this yard spectacular, just like your country yard was.

  3. I'm feeling quite hungry looking at all your lovely fresh veggies.

  4. Just checking in Mrs. Mel--it all looks so great and so Melodyish! I hope you and Dave are doing well. Hugs! Emily