Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Last Bed of 2015

 Empty and filled. Sigh...so happy. I decided to wait to transplant the roses into this bed until fall and instead used the space for my cucurbits. I planted Ice Box watermelon, Japanese cucumber, yellow zucchini, and cantaloupe.
 I transplanted my heuchera to the back of the new bed, along with some lysimachia which will fill in wherever it can. We ran out of soil so the cubbies in the blocks are empty, so far. I have a flat of petunias, and another of marigolds that need homes. More dirt to come to fill pots and cubbies.
 Last year we bought three dogwoods, reduced for clearance and one croaked, but surprisingly the healthiest looking one. Wha? The other two have bloomed and I am delighted to have one of each color.
 The azaleas that came with the house are in bloom and dazzling. Hot pink and lime green, woowoo!
The hostas have unfurled and are so grand. I am so relieved to find that I have enough shade to have these beauties again. I don't think I could garden without hostas.

Now the structure of this year's garden is finished, and I can turn my attention to the mess we left all around the yard, in the house, and garage and maybe see if I still have a studio upstairs.


  1. That was a lot of work but everything is looking very festive even in the early stages.

  2. That's a beautiful "dead" dogwood! I love looking at your gardening adventures. Thanks for sharing

  3. So much progress already, I bet it's rewarding to see all that color!

  4. I have been away for two weeks and come back to cinder block beds!!! And as usual everything is going great guns.... Now to go and read the posts I missed to see how things got to this point. It is going to be good eating at your house again this year.