Tuesday, May 5, 2015

For My Next Act...

 Now that the garden is in, and watered, I am ready to tackle my next project. Out goes all the beige bedroom carpeting and in comes new Pergo floors. We will also be moving around some room functions. The upstairs studio will be taken over by the wonderful Dave and I will have a new studio downstairs in the former master bedroom, off the great room, and much closer to water for painting.
Speaking of painting, all the rooms will be painted and made glorious, in our humble opinion.
The house will be in an uproar as furniture gets moved out and painters and flooring guys take over.
If I could send Dave away to a rest home for the duration I would. Or maybe make sure he is busy golfing...
 I'll be keeping the blog updated as things move along...or not.
 Adios for now.


  1. The frog on the watering can is great! Giving you ideas for paint colors? ;-)

  2. Well,you have a busy,exciting time ahead....see you on the flip side! Julie

  3. Love the froggie! And I'm sure whatever you do to enhance your digs will be well worth reading about... have fun!

  4. When I saw these pictures I thought they were paintings. Nicely shot. Oh my haven't you guys got a project on your hands!!

  5. What kind of paint did you use for your galvanized containers? I've read a few sites on line and it seems like ideas are all over the place. Was there a lot of preparation? Thanks so much.