Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The New Studio

Even though the floors remain bare until June, I can move some things into the new studio in the meantime. My contractor promises to come for an evaluation by Memorial day.  My first thought was that could I return to painting, since it won't matter if I should drip on the concrete, but then I thought mounting my design wall would help me define the space, so I can determine the new light setup. (that fan is going!) I washed the batting that was previously on the styrofoam, so I could begin fresh. 

 The easel, table, chair and canvas were already downstairs. The rolling shelf of painting supplies was all I really needed to bring down this morning. Initially I put it all in front of the window but changed my mind, as bird watching  in a comfy chair is preferable.

After lunch I decided to organize all my threads by color and put them in a handy rolling cart, one of many. It if has wheels, I love it. The first drawer would be neutrals and I arranged them neatly, but by the time I had done drawers of red, purple, blue, green, the orange and yellow threads just got tossed in and the cart was shut.

The previous storage containers were worn out, falling apart and a pain to use, so I am much happier with this new arrangement.
Outside my studio window is a beautiful foxglove, one of three in bloom currently.


  1. I like the thread storage, great idea!

  2. That foxglove is really beautiful as is the house quilt on the wall in your new studio. New work ? I love it. Julie

  3. So excited for you! Thank you for sharing your journey. Beth

  4. As much color as you like, you do prefer a white studio in order to play with them, don't you? I noticed the house quilt, too, then the crosses and boxes, and then the colorful chair. With danglies! What fun! I hope you have many happy, creative hours in the new studio.