Sunday, July 12, 2015

Front or Back?

Is this the front or the back? Neither, it's for a double sided quilt.  Woowoo!
I made this top in a flurry of excitement after a good cup of morning coffee. Not much of a plan, just starting with the center and building Log Cabin style outward. I worked in colors that were related to each other and just turned around and looked at my shelves, pulling out the needed piece without fussing over other possibilities. Freeing! It took less than three hours, seeing as how it is REALLY LARGE PIECES. Funny how that works.
I had to cut and repiece some that didn't automatically fit, but no biggie. Some, or um, most of these fabrics are ancient pieces culled from my dyeing for a living days. Darn if they weren't destined for such a top...
This top measures 63x64" which corresponds to the finished (when they get sewn) size of these 16 blocks. 


  1. wow! I agree -- those fabrics were meant for this quilt.

  2. Gorgeous piece, and what a fun way to piece a back!

  3. Oh, how I feast on your colors! I'm so glad you continue to share. I think this will be a fun and gorgeous piece.

  4. Love the front top... h-m-m- or is that the back! Great that they turned out the same size & can be melded together!