Monday, July 27, 2015

I think this is it

 I feel the need to rearrange my studio over and over again, in search of the perfect arrangement. After I finish a project, I like to clear the decks and vacuum or Swiffer and then because I have moved the tables to get at the debris, it is natural to consider different spots to return things. 
I was surprised to see that all the fabric, and furniture fit exactly on this one western wall. I will take care to lower the blinds to prevent fading the fabric, and also to watch Netflix without glare.
The design wall is in a dark corner and that is the problem. It requires a second set of hands to move it and just this morning I corralled Dave into being that set of hands. In minutes we removed the Command Strips and put the wall up on the adjacent wall, where it gets much closer to the ceiling light and also gets the outside sun.

 Here is the before and after. Yay!

A much better site for designing and photography. As for these four blocks...I'm just thinking about what to do with them. 
Tony is my constant companion, and I have to scooch him off my chair when I need to knit.
 I saw this site with 50 fabulous studios and see that mine is quite spare, compared to the decor of the ones shown. But I like a clear open space, so I can design without distractions.


  1. While there were no room sizes given I don't think one was a 10 X 12 second bedroom that I have to work with. It makes a difference.

  2. I like how bright and clean your room is. I have a limited space for my sewing room. And it is not always neat. That said, bright light to work by is a must. And I really need to pare down on what I have. I took over my son's room and it's a constantly changing setup. Move this for more light, move this for better work flow. I think I have the setup worked out - now on to decluttering.
    It also amazes me that you work on one thing at a time. I usually have at least 3 projects in varying degrees of completion. I tend to be a bit ADD.

  3. I got a little claustrophobic looking at some of those other studios... definitely prefer the roominess and lack of clutter in yours! I have a much larger space now than I used to have, and really enjoy having separate spots for my sewing/cutting and various other crafts. No where near as spacious as yours is, but a whole lot better than what I have!