Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Idea Sketches

As mentioned previously, I got mega inspired by the visiting Victoria Findlay Wolfe and her big-pieces-pieced-quilts. When I saw the large sections of printed fabrics, set off nicely with solids, it was the nudge I needed to consider using my collected prints. I have a lotta striped fabrics and Kaffe Fassett prints and of course lots of solids to add to the mix. But I hesitate...why? Good question. Dawgs mostly. But geesh, should that keep me from playing around with ideas and maybe actually trying something? NO!!
 I was about to draw up some ideas and grabbed my current sketchbook (full of knitting designs, hmmm) and saw that I had so many nice ideas all ready for me!

 This one below is a drawing that I made today, which would use really large squares and strips. Maybe no stripes at all in this one. The stripes in the designs above would not be stripped-sewn fabrics, but printed stripes, just so you know. I just don't want to get fussy and have to have lots of little pieces to sew together. Not yet anyway.
And then of course I saw this improvisational design. Woowoo!


  1. Love the asymmetry of the bottom design, waiting to see what evolves. Have fun!

  2. Thanks for sharing your process. It's always good to see how the final presentation was achieved. There are so many ways to the "finish" line that it's fun to try different routes sometimes. Can't wait to see what's next!!

  3. Yes this design at the bottom is the way to go - love it.

  4. the last one have the style yours!