Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Old Into New

 I have been making the blocks in the corners of this photo, over the weekend, and remembered this other patchwork made in 2013. So I thought they might work together into one big quilt.

 But then I also thought I could simplify the old stuff and join it with new parts to make a different quilt.

I had made this log cabin block yesterday and it seems to fit the empty space just right. If I just did this layout the measurements would be about 42"...so maybe some borders would be needed. I sorta have a small quilt size limit. I like it to be at least 54" square, preferably 60".
 This layout would work, with more stuff made for the empty corners. The Granny Squares in the center are a bit smaller than the yellow fourpatch parts and would need an inner border.

Just the four yellow blocks, which obviously need more to become a quilt. The one on the left is 25 x 68" and the one on the right is 34 x 50"


Two more ideas. Patchwork dividing the four quadrants and stripes dividing them.
So many possibilities.
I decided on this layout and added a pink and white stripe around the Granny Square center to fit the yellow sections. The two yellow parts have been attached to the center square and now I will fill in the corners with quarter log cabin patchwork.
The size is 61" square, but may grow with a final border.


  1. great idea! thanks for sharing your process.

  2. Wow what gloriously vibrant fabrics!! Gosh I love ll those arrangements you have come up with and would have a heck of a time choosing - I don't envy you!
    After saying all that I do like the first arrangement you have with the half square triangle blocks, but then I do love the log cabin too!!