Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Adapting the Pattern

McCall's Pattern Misses', Men's and Teen Boys' Tops, Nightshirt, Pants and Sweatsuit, Y (XS, S, M)

Bettina asked:
is there a base pattern that I could buy to modify?
Yes and this is it. 
Mccall's 5992. I changed the neckline, because it flared out, and discarded that collar. Everything else worked. What I wanted was a loose fitting shirt, without darts. 
On some garments I added a back pleat, or widened the bottoms, or cut curved hems, or allowed for side vents. I added my own pockets and changed the neckline too. It's a pretty straightforward shape, and I found it easy to modify. 
However, I traced the pattern in my size, and reduced the seam allowance to 1/4 inch, so I could easily stitch seams with my serger. 
My first attempts were thwarted because I chose too large a size and it sent me back to the store in a hurry. Even mistakes are worth making, if it teaches me something.  After 8 finished garments, I am ready to really get 'arty' with the next several pieces. And today I cleaned out my closet and filled a huge trash bag with clothes that don't work for me anymore, but are still good. They will be going to Goodwill, along with a huge bagful from Dave.




  1. Your new 'tops' remind me of what I do when I find a clothing pattern that I enjoy wearing. It kind of becomes my 'uniform'! Love what you've been sharing on your blog.
    Isn't it amazing what a change of fabric or a tweak of the pattern will do?

  2. Love your new shirts! The fabric makes the garment in all of them! The batik one is especially beautiful. you will be creative when you wear these beauties!

  3. I agree with Judy - I like the batik and the last pink one best myself! I'd never have thought of buying a pyjama pattern for this purpose - but I'll get it and will and back pleat and/or mandarin collar as well, thanks for letting us know! I think with a simple pattern like this it kind of needs a "louder" fabric, otherwise it'll look too plain? I can see sewing times on my to-do list soon, your blog is very inspirational:)