Thursday, October 1, 2015

Diamond Panel Jacket #2

For Melanie G.
Malabrigo Worsted 100% Merino in Red, and Plymouth Gina 100% wool in color #12.
I am so happy, again with this pattern and the minor tweaks that I have adopted. The closed side panels were a much nicer finish, and the variegated Gina brought a lot of interesting color changes to the mix. It is soft as can be and WARM. Really wearable as a jacket or indoor cardigan.

 I don't have my handy model to wear this for photos, so the work table will have to do.

I have a new wool combo to offer. Souk is half silk and half wool and the blue is Malabrigo Merino worsted, like the red above. Email me if you want to claim a jacket in this combo.
Spoken for by Mimi S.


  1. This jacket is Brilliant! Your color selections are the best.... what a work of art this is! Another masterpiece to be enjoyed by everyone that sees this! I am so blessed to be the recipient. Can't wait to wear it.

  2. Love the jacket - so elegant and toasty warm! What about pockets? I can envisage almost invisible pockets in those side panels. I HATE not having anywhere for a handkerchief, especially in a winter garment ... I get a sniffle just thinking about it

  3. a true coat of many colours :-)

  4. Your sweaters are every bit as beautiful as your quilts. Love seeing them. Julie

  5. Lovely rich red! After seeing the post with the last jacket with closed side panel I thought
    I may just try and stitch the opening closed on my prototype - I'll see how it goes.

  6. Just beautiful as usual. I really like this design. Judith P.