Monday, October 12, 2015

Mini-Smock #2

Now I am really starting to have fun. The pattern has been adjusted so it is exactly what I want and I can play with fabrics and details to make it Melclothes instead of Gudrun copies.
These two fabrics are leftovers from two different quilts. Both madras plaids. I had barely enough of each to finish the garment. Instead of facing the neckline, I used pieces of bias and for the pockets I had just enough to sew a band on the top edge.
I have purple or red leggings to wear with this, as well as purple and red jeans. I am set!
Friendship star challenge top. Hand dyed cottons and thrift shop shirts. 53.5x56", unquilted.
Leaping Light Blocks! unquilted top, 64x78" Cotton, machine pieced:
Leaping Light Blocks!

unquilted top, 64x78" Cotton, machine pieced


  1. That tunic dress is awesome! I've been following the development of your garments with interest and its so so fun in the bright fabrics!!!

  2. Really cute, and I love the colors! Glad you found the magic formula!

  3. Now, this one I love! You have put your mark on the inspiration and made it uniquely yours!
    Joan from Missouri

  4. I love your work, it is so colourful and happy.