Saturday, November 14, 2015

Garden Clean-up

 The new house next door is going up so fast, and construction is so noisy that we caught the fever and decided now is the time to restructure the back garden bed, and transplant the six red bud trees into it. That means adding a tier of bricks to the existing 96. That may be the reason the blog has been ignored all week. 
We had to pull our flowers out and get them in the dumpster across the street. They were pretty spent, so it wasn't heartbreaking at all. We've had a long flower season and lots of veggies too. We still have a table full of peppers ready to cook, freeze or make into salsa.
 We had the concrete blocks already and the necessary soil, but of course it meant emptying the troughs to get at the blocks. Does this seem nutty? Yes. But you know how we love rearranging. The two tiers of soil filled blocks will make the trees feel right at home
It's hard to see the spindly red bud trees, but they are in there, really and truly. We woke up to our first frost of the year turning all that black soil crispy and white.

 Those white buckets held the trees which are now planted in the new big bed. Lots of soil got spilled/spread over the wood chips and we decided that we might seed or sod the yard next.


  1. With all those trees before you know it your yard will be shade. I will sorry to see all the sun loving things changed. But this rearranging the garden sure beats a membership at the gym.

  2. Sigh...seems like you were just arranging and planting! Where did the summer go?

  3. Replies
    1. You're quite right, Daisy. It looks like the summer didn't pass in vain. I know this lesson, when you should work hard in summer, so that then you can harvest your efforts. I do think it's right.