Thursday, November 26, 2015

Great Sodding Thanksgiving

 The yard was skillfully prepared by Dave, by dragging a 'found' pallet across the surface. The dogs love the dirt and my house proves that. So without further mess and delay, we ordered three pallets of sod and coincidentally our next door neighbor had also ordered hers at the same time.
 Dave confers with the driver, and convinces him to go around the corner to get to the back of our house, right next to our fence, for the drop off.
 Is this too much sod or not enough. We did the math, so we'll have to wait and see.
This is how much we got done yesterday, and when I saw 'we' I mean that lightly. I helped for about a half hour.
 So far we have used one pallet of sod.  The dogs have already christened the new lawn several times, which is OK with me. I'll be so happy to see the end of the dirty footprints. The weather is going to be glorious for the next three days, and then three days of blessed rain.
We are so blessed and thankful, and even tho our Thanksgiving dinner will be postponed til this job is done, we are wishing you all a marvelous love filled day.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving , Melody. This is fun to watch!

  2. The sod looks great and your timing is perfect. It will really help the house sell. Judith P.

  3. Beautiful. Beautiful! You and Dave are amazing. And look at the color still on those little trees!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Melody and Dave. You'll have aching backs after all that heavy work - or Dave certainly will!

  5. What a fabulous sodding Thanksgiving. Your back yard looks perfect!!!

  6. And just enough looks beautiful with a happy dog too!