Friday, December 18, 2015

Four Days of Christmas

Hand dyed cottons and silk, stamping, ink drawing, commericial stripe. Fused and machine quilted. Mounted on painted wood panel, 12x16"
$110 plus shipping.
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Some time ago I made some fabric with my stamps and ink pens, fused them and put them away for a while. Today they appear in a composition for the first time. Because white, gray and black have made their way into my designs, I now have a way to use these decorative fabrics. It's a way of connecting my mixed media work with my quilting. Hence the name Connections.
For the frame I used both orange and fuchsia paint to tie into the colors used within.
 When I show a piece with my rotary cutter, I am showing scale as well as the difference in lighting. The photo above was taken hanging on the wall, while the one here is taken flat on a table. It flattens out the surface, so no quilting shows. 
 I climb on a step stool to get this shot.
Here the panel is hanging and the painted edge is visible.