Saturday, January 30, 2016

Mouth Watering Colors

 Years in the making and now minutes in the purging. Yes, I am starting to work my way through my fabric stash. This is a set of 70 pieces of name brand 100% cotton, cut into long quarters, 9 inches by the with of fabric, like 43-45". Seventeen and a half yards. Sorry there are no browns in the bunch. $100 plus shipping. Email me. SOLD

When I began my career I made a decision to only use my own hand dyed fabrics for my quilts. After retiring I decided to make a bunch of pieced quilts, mostly because I had plenty of time and beds to cover. Now that I have a chewing doggie, all beds are covered with holey covers. Bad doggie. Adorable but destructive. My pillows all have chewed corners too. arrgh.

So, I am looking at my fabric stash with the full knowledge that I will probably not make anymore bed quilts and so why not share (unload) this stash of beauties with y'all.
In anticipation of my move, it seems to be the right thing to do. The foundation walls are in! With this sunny warm weather (60's today) they are framing today. eeeeeeee!
OK, but wait. This doesn't mean I won't be quilting or sewing clothes. I am a committed fuser and am keeping all my hand dyes for my art quilts, and all my clothes fabrics for sewing.
I just am clearing the shelves and organizing the remaining stash. Stay tuned for more offerings.

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