Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Changing Direction

We are obsessed with our future downsizing move. That means figuring out what to keep and what to lose. My studio will be 2 ft. smaller, from 16x16' to 14x14'. Of course I don't want to give up any of my tables or storage carts or shelves. ...or the twin bed and chair/ottoman that make it a nice nap space or reading spot.
To try out a smaller space I arranged the sewing furniture on the window wall, keeping in mind that the fabric shelves will be located in the walk-in closet in the new house.
The other half of the room was easily filled with the bed and chair. It is up against the pin up wall, but in the new house that will be on the sewing-side wall. I feel lots better knowing I can fit everything in without crowding. To make sure, I did some sewing, and then dragged out my painting supplies and began using up the stash of heavy illustration boards I have been holding onto since 2005.

 The illustration boards tend to warp into a curve while wet, but then flatten out when dry. Acrylic, graphite and white conte crayon. 20x30". I have a lot of paint tubes, which I am planning to liberally use until I discover which are dried up and need to be tossed and what needs replacing, if anything. Using the boards has the helpful effect of not being 'precious' and lets me try everything I can imagine.

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