Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Forgetting and Remembering

Lately I have been obsessed with the paintings of Robert Langford. I've been studying them and wanting to paint something like them and finally getting out the paint and canvas and giving it a go.
I made a few studies, did some smaller versions, in an attempt to get the scale and variety right. Finally I felt I was ready to tackle a large canvas and do my version of his work. Like a student copying the great masters...but in the middle of the big canvas I was dumbstruck... 
Robert Langford:

Look on the Bright SideRobert Langford #independentcollection: Fruits of Our LaborRobert Langford sooo organic: Infinite Possibilities by Robert Langford, acrylic on canvas, 50x40 inches:  These are all his...
Wait just a minute...Haven't I done something like this already, way back when? What was it that attracted me to his work? The shapes and the space between them. Ye-es. I went back to some old photos and found out that I had begun doing similar stuff back in the early years of my career, like 1995. Yipes!

This is all fabric of course, and quilts, not paint, but the essence of what I was doing was similar, shapes and the space between. Duh. No wonder!

So right in the middle of this last painting, I threw in the towel. Lost interest. Been there done that. I will paint over that larger canvas and forget the whole thing. Lesson well learned.


  1. That is hilarious!! Hope you find something you haven't done that catches your fancy!.......soon!!! ...... or you'll run out of towels.

  2. Loved the retrospective of your paintings/fiber. One of my favorites for years is the layered rock/landscape piece. It is in one of my books, or at least a similar one. I enjoy the archeological feel of the layering and the 3 dimensional effect.

  3. I love your quilted pieces! If I could do anything that gorgeous, I would probably want to just keep making more!