Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Garden Indulgence

This is the third version of the back yard, in three years. What are we? Nuts? You could say that. But isn't that grass glorious? We live and learn and if I had seen more ideas on Pinterest, earlier, and been truly honest about how many zucchini, green beans, peppers and tomatoes we actually eat, I might have ended up with this garden from the start.
I really think grass is a waste, but we have to sell, so there you go. 
Three plants that I threw away last year, and found growing again in the dump. Baptisia, which by the way, cannot be transplanted because it has such a long tap root, and is way finicky...NOT.  There it was, waiting for me to reclaim it and now it is about to bloom. Then two of my darling Bleeding Heart plants, one red, one white.

 That loooooong back bed is starting to fill in,, and is just glorious with red verbena, and those Knock Out Roses.

 Anyone can grow Knock Out roses, as can be attested by our neighborhood. They are all in bloom all at once and it is spectacular.

 I am taking most of the hosta with me, in pots, and leaving a few for the new owners, should they be hosta cognoscenti. They look good at this time of year, but by the end of June they suffer from the heat on this side of the house. Hopefully they will be at the new house way before that happens.


  1. Beautiful job, and makes the yard look really lush. Definitely a great selling point!

  2. Lovely flowers but not so much the cement blocks :( That would not be a good selling point if I were looking to buy a house in your price point.

  3. I agree with the "grass is a waste" statement, except I have granddaughters who need space to run. What I really hate is the use of all the chemicals to keep it green and weed free. One of my grandmothers had a pristine lawn, no weeds. But she lived with Ortho, and died at 69. The other had a weedy lawn and live into her 90's. I'm going with the weeds.

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