Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Garden Dreams Come True

The current garden is flourishing, but my thoughts have been directed to the new house garden which I designed, marked out and hoped would look like my plan. The idea was an integrated set of beds which would not look like an afterthought. 

I am WELL PLEASED. Over the moon, ecstatic, thrilled, and delighted! The new beds are level and fit the curves of the sidewalk. The interior was cemented and drain holes were added at the ground course, and trimmed out on top with half bricks for a finished look. 

The grade of the yard is sloped but the genius bricklayers dug down and started the bricks so that the top would be level, just what I had hoped. At the moment, in these pictures taken last night, there remains globs of wet cement sitting in the middle of the bed, but I am certain that will be removed before we add garden soil.
Around the perimeter I have about 18" of walkway, which will be first mulched and then my cobalt blue flower pots will be ensconced. 

The long bed is tapered and narrows on the south end. The other bed is pretty square, and wider.
 Our neighbor's house has normal landscaping, and it looks lovely. Boxwood, arborvitae, gardenias and Annabelle hydrangeas. 

Between the houses, where it is quite shaded all day, the builder has spread river rock. I must say I detest covering the earth with more rock, but you can bet I will have pots of shade loving hostas sitting happily in that spot.

I didn't sleep a wink last night, so excited over the prospect of moving in this weekend. Friday we close, and Saturday at the crack of dawn I will have the refrigerator delivered and phone and internet installed.
We have the movers scheduled for June 2nd, and in the meantime we are moving the soft things, like clothes, kitchen items and such. And we are renting a truck to bring in the pots of hostas, trees, and new plants I just bought, half price of course, at Lowe's.


  1. Just like I pictured them. Terrific!

  2. Does the new place have an alley behind it with a garage? Or carport? I can't see anywhere to park your car. I look forward to seeing everything all moved in.

    1. We have a huge attached 2 car garage and huge concrete apron/patio/screened in porch. lots of parking space out back. See previous post for pics.

  3. It's such fun to see how you are making this new house your own. I can just feel your excitement!

  4. It's coming along great :) I don't envy you the hard work of moving (we've done it more times than I can count!!), but somehow it all gets done....must be that surge of adrenaline..haha. Look forward to see more pics as you move :) Watch that back of yours!

  5. Not only your dreaming but all your thoughtful planning, plus good builders made your garden plan real. Congrats on a great job. Planting and setting in pots will be the icing on the cake. Having followed your previous garden adventures, I know it will be a delightful sight and fragrance.

  6. Wonderful job from the builders on the new beds, love the curves! I love catching up with all the progress and look forward to the next post.

  7. They did a great job on those planters.

    Do you have any irrigation going out to them or will you be hand watering?

    I'll be putting in raised beds in my front yard but wood, not brick. I'll be running water lines in to them for drip irrigation on timers.

    The two trees you have planted in those large cobalt blue pots are lovely. I do hope they are coming with you. If I ever moved not only would I bring everything not planted in the ground but a few things that are.

  8. How exciting and it's looking so nice already!

  9. Melody, love your garden ideas as much as your quilts! I am a retired (just) art tutor and quilter, just moved house too, living in the Scottish Highlands. We were lucky enough to have access to new garden before moving in and have simplified/re-modeled a lot, so know how much work is involved as well as pleasure! I wish you every success in both ventures, Trisha

  10. Congratulations, Melody. I know you are going to love the new place. It is beautiful.
    Regina B.

  11. Beautiful....excited for you....👍😄

  12. Is that your heat pump in front there? Won't it be noisy on the porch? You really are squeezing in....

  13. Judy MorningstarMay 27, 2016 at 9:38 PM

    Today's the day!!! Here's to another new beginning! May your new home be full of joy and laughter and creativity.

  14. So, how is it going? DO we get new photos soon?