Saturday, May 7, 2016

Please excuse my gushing

Some girls dream of falling in love with Prince Charming. I have fallen in love with my quartz countertop...and my sink and my cabinets. O geesh. I am crazy in love with the whole kitchen. We got into the house yesterday and I got to run my hands along the shiny white surface, which was icy cold, due to dropping temps overnight, and I luxuriated over the smooth clean beauty of this material. Only weeks left til I can move my stuff in and begin cooking and serving on this counter. Heaven!

my new kitchen counter and sink:
The kitchen sink is a single long deep rectangle, with disposal and will have a single faucet. All the drawers and doors have that silent close feature, and I am praying I can get Dave to close them after he uses them. The larger cabinet (opposite side) next to the oven has pull out shelves for my pots and pans and that makes me even happier. La dee dah! It's not too late to have my girlhood dreams come true.
hall bath sink and counter:  The hall bath has the same counter, with an undermounted rectangular sink. The floor  tile is grouted in white. That'll be fun to keep clean.

This part was a big surprise to us. They were pouring the aprons in front of the garages yesterday, and for some unknown reason, ours is way wide and deep. I could park my ol' PT Cruiser on it and still not be in the alley. The house behind us is a two storey and they have planned ahead, big time, and made an apartment on the second floor of the garage, which will pay their mortgage and make someone happy to have such a nice spot downtown to live.
huge garage apron: house numbers have been added:
And O Happy Day, they have provide wonderful house numbers for us, and mounted them already. I have been shopping for something like this, and lo and behold, they come with the house!

On the negative side...I am not thrilled to see that pile of brick, mortar and clay piled up next to the foundation.We'll have to discuss the master plan again and get this junk removed.

We have had lots of viewings and have another open house to do on Tuesday. So keeping the place tip top is our everyday job. Boring.
But, last night we did manage to squeeze in a small birthday party for my niece Glory, who will turn 21 while she is on a university choral trip to Ireland and Scotland this coming week. 21 years old! Yipes. Where has the time gone?


  1. It looks beatiful, enjoy your new home!

  2. It looks beatiful, enjoy your new home!

  3. I love seeing your photos and the progress. Please post more often! I miss enjoying from afar!

  4. I love my all white kitchen also. It seems to be the next "trend" but mine is 14 years old...haha. Guess I was ahead of my time.LOL

    Can I ask what made your decision to put in quartz countertops instead of granite, which seems to be in every 3rd house in America. I would like new countertops (85 sq. ft.!!) but can't decide on the material.

    1. Colleen, to me the white quartz countertop was a no brainer. We currently have granite in the kitchen and both bathrooms and they are (imho) butt ugly brown/black/tan. I love the clean surface of the quartz, so you know when there is no dried food on the surface. It was the only real splurge I made for the whole house. Eliminating a fancy marble and granite tiled master bath, which no one would ever see but us, more than paid for the pricier quartz.

    2. Thanks for the reply and the reason you chose quartz. I'm not a granite lover but I have thought about quartz. I have a large island that I'm considering butch block (maple??) and then something else on the countertops, which I want to keep white.

  5. I love seeing your new kitchen! We are just going to start a kitchen remodel, and picked quartz for the countertop. The whole kitchen will be a clean, modern look, so quartz will be perfect. It is less busy looking than granite, and we found some good prices after shopping around. I can't wait for the soft closed drawers-there are so many nice, new features in kitchens since the last time we remodeled a kitchen. You will love yours I am sure!

  6. I have a similar design as we just got done with a huge house remodel. I have no dark corners now -- everything is in drawers including the pots and pans. You'll love the one bowl sink and the counter top will be a breeze to clean. I don't think Dave will need to push on the drawers much to close them -- that used to be a problem here but not any more. How exciting! Thanks for sharing.